Piki.fm 1.1 is HERE!

Piki.fm 1.1 has arrived! Now, find a ton of new features including the “People” tab, which will help you find more people with great musical taste to follow.

We’ve also added support for push notifications, a sweet new slideshow view for “Preview Taste”, a swipe action to delete picks, and various visual tweaks to make Piki even nicer!

Find it in the App Store or update your existing app today.

Happy listening! :)

Miss Cleo is getting her tan on in the office today.
Be sure to follow her on piki.fm!

Miss Cleo is getting her tan on in the office today.

Be sure to follow her on piki.fm!

Web Version is Here!

Today, we released the desktop version of piki.fm! So now, no iPhone? No problem! Start picking songs and following your musical soul mates right from your computer.


Piki.fm Featured Users

Since piki.fm has come out of beta, we’ve noticed a couple awesome users who have been stepping up their picking games and making some pretty unique profiles. Check out these users below and give them a follow. Also, feel free to make your favorite users known by sending us a tweet at @pikifm.

The popular music blog, Earmilk, picks all the songs they highlight on their blog. The music usually includes just released tunes and mashups of popular tracks.

If you’re looking for ’70s and ’80s rock, look no further than PinkFreud. With over 850 picks all with in depth captions, you’re sure to be jamming to your classic favorites.

Hypo-Luxa just picked his 3,300th song to add his extremely diverse piki.fm stream. We’re sure there’s some Justin Bieber hiding in his picks…

Waxhole¬†is another great music blog that is making their mark on piki.fm. Every pick includes a link to the song’s blog post, making the listening experience even sweeter.

Jenni Colle
Jenni Colle has picked a very healthy list of all the latest indie hits. Follow her to stay up-to-date with the indie world.

Deed is one of piki.fm’s up and coming stars. It’s easy to see why since he’s picked only the hottest R&B hits of the past decade.

Miss Cleo
Finally, Miss Cleo, our office¬†Chihuahua, has a piki.fm account. Yup, you guessed it— all of her picks are doggie themed.

If these accounts still aren’t enough, here are a few more:

Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Homey Don’t Play That

Introducing piki!

Today is a big day for us. We’re proud to announce the launch of piki on iPhone!

Piki is based on a really simple idea. The best recommendations for new music come from our friends. We all have those 2 or 3 friends that always seem to have the best new music. With piki, we allow you to follow them and hear a mix of their songs. It doesn’t just end with people you know, piki is about exploring and finding new people that share your taste in music. As you follow people similar to you, you’ll discover and hear more tracks that you love and connect with people around music.

We’ve been working on piki for over a year, alongside making turntable.fm the best possible real-time experience. We think both apps really complement each other well and you can look forward to seeing more and more integration between the two.

You can grab the piki iPhone app here and learn more about piki at piki.fm

Also, make sure to follow us here on tumblr so that you can get updates about our budding community, app news and of course, random gifs of cats getting into precarious situations.