Introducing piki!

Today is a big day for us. We’re proud to announce the launch of piki on iPhone!

Piki is based on a really simple idea. The best recommendations for new music come from our friends. We all have those 2 or 3 friends that always seem to have the best new music. With piki, we allow you to follow them and hear a mix of their songs. It doesn’t just end with people you know, piki is about exploring and finding new people that share your taste in music. As you follow people similar to you, you’ll discover and hear more tracks that you love and connect with people around music.

We’ve been working on piki for over a year, alongside making the best possible real-time experience. We think both apps really complement each other well and you can look forward to seeing more and more integration between the two.

You can grab the piki iPhone app here and learn more about piki at

Also, make sure to follow us here on tumblr so that you can get updates about our budding community, app news and of course, random gifs of cats getting into precarious situations.

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